Cambridge AudioAzur 851CusedCambridge Audio Azur 851CExceptional CD Player, DAC, and Digital Preamp Not Just for CDs Used as a high-end DAC, the 851 C allows a multitude of devices to be connected via its digital audio and USB audio inputs, includi...555.00

Cambridge Audio Azur 851C [Expired]

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Exceptional CD Player, DAC, and Digital Preamp

Not Just for CDs

Used as a high-end DAC, the 851 C allows a multitude of devices to be connected via its digital audio and USB audio inputs, including music streamers, digital iPhone/iPad docks, and computers.


It's an Audiophile CD Player

Many CD players use drives designed for computers. Cambridge Audio avoided this approach due to the resulting noise and impurity and created its CD-only S3 Custom CD Servo™ drive. This audiophile design gives the 851C the ability to retrieve maximum digital information from CDs. Meanwhile, the Cambridge Audio-developed transport guarantees incredible rigidity, and the CD drawer itself has been designed to offer smooth operation.


It's Also a Digital Preamplifier

The shift towards digital music means that many people principally use digital audio sources such as computers, network streamers, and digital iPhone docks. The 851 C is the ideal audio hub for such scenarios since digital volume and channel balance functions enable it to be used as a digital preamplifier and connected directly to a power amplifier or active speakers.


These attenuation functions are completely processed in the digital domain through Cambridge Audio's proprietary DSP. This gives the highest quality of digital volume control as opposed to analog attenuation or digital bit reduction.


Selectable Digital Filter

The new ATF2 DSP features a selectable digital filter with three settings to suit your preferences and your particular system set-up.


The Steep Roll-off Filter exhibits strong attenuation of aliasing images outside the passband (i.e., above 22.05kHz) at the expense of a little pre and post-ringing in the time domain. The Linear Phase Filter uniquely features 'constant group delay' which delays all audio signals at all frequencies by the same amount meaning all audio are fully time-coherent at the output.


Minimum Phase, meanwhile, does not feature constant group delay Instead, the coefficients have been optimized without feed-forward so that the impulse response exhibits no pre-ringing in the time domain.


All analog stages and filtering from the 851 C's DACs to output are also fully differential in nature. This fully balanced configuration largely rejects the already very low noise and distortion present in the DACs and filters and provides an unprecedented performance level.


Balanced XLR Outputs – And More

Balanced XLR outputs allowing a balanced connection to the matching 851A are included and conventional unbalanced phono/RCA outputs. In pursuit of the very finest sound quality, a high-quality toroidal transformer is also used in the 851C. It ensures lower noise and less waveform distortion for quieter PSU operation. This equates to the purest sound with no buzz or hum that can be heard from cheaper transformers.


To ensure simple operation, a high contrast reverse black DFSTN display offers excellent feedback of the 851C's impressive features, which include CD-text support as well as the ability to rename digital inputs. In addition to these audiophile features, Control Bus Input/Output, IR Emitter Input and RS232 control are provided to make it easy to integrate this unit into custom installation systems.

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